Interview: Fleccas Talks

Austen Fletcher, known on social media as Fleccas Talks, is leading the fight against the regressive left on the streets.

Fletcher is known for his “man on the street” style videos, where he finds himself wandering leftist marches and gatherings, speaking to many of the… interesting protestors. Since starting his “Fleccas Talks” videos in February of 2017, his videos have amassed more than seven million views on his Youtube channel and he has been interviewed by Tucker Carlson.



Of all the videos you’ve made, which one is your favorite?

“My favorite video is the Hollywood Blvd protest. Someone there screamed “Donald Trump is worse than Hitler” into a megaphone in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. It was incredible. Lots of interesting characters.
Another favorite was my most recent from the Women’s March. Notable Moments: Guy said, “Trump isn’t qualified because he’s never been president.” Another girl called for Trump’s assassination with a “Kill Donald Trump” sign.”

What inspires you to make the content you do?

“I feel like western civilization is under attack. I want to do what I can to fight for it. We’re underdogs and our opponents are evil. We need to protect America.”

You haven’t always leaned right. What made you change your political leanings?

“I didn’t follow politics until a couple of years ago. I used to think Obama was a good president only because he read off of a teleprompter well and seemed like he cared. In the past few years, politics and entertainment merged. I’ve become passionate about politics via my desire to entertain.”

“I feel like western civilization is under attack. I want to do what I can to fight for it. We’re underdogs and our opponents are evil. We need to protect America.”


What conservatives do you think are leading the fight against the “regressive left”?

“There are so many. In no specific order, Ben Shapiro, Sebastian Gorka, Gavin Mcinnes, Michael Knowles, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, An0maly and many others.”

What is the one issue you think is the most important in today’s society?

“Echo chambers. I think because of how divisive the MSM is, our echo chambers are getting stronger and stronger. Not good. This seems to affect the right harder than the left. The right becomes dehumanized. Dangerous. When people want to “punch Nazis” and everyone to the right of Jay Leno is a Nazi it gets a bit murky.

Do you think we’re in a culture war? If so, who do you think is winning?

“Yes, we are definitely in a culture war that I think we’re winning, but it’s close. The battle is right vs left but, bigger picture, the war is for the moderates. The left’s hysterics are pushing rational liberals/centrists to the right. We’re seeing this with people like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin. This rebrand of the right was needed badly and catalyzed by Trump’s victory. The left refuses to rebrand. They tried to with Joe Kennedy and we all saw how that played out (he had drool on his face). We’ll see where the country really stands in the 2018 elections.”

“We’ll see where the country really stands in the 2018 elections.”


You said on the Michael Knowles show that the next frontier of this movement is the internet. What advice do you have for conservatives looking to spread the message on social media?

“The silent majority needs to be less silent! I encourage conservatives of all ages to take it to the streets themselves. Go to their protests. Ask people questions! Engage in civil dialogue. That’s what the protests are meant to be, an exchange of ideas. Be respectful. Video it (hold your phone sideways).”

What can your followers expect to see from you in 2018?

“In the near-near term, I’m trying to get Jimmy Kimmel to debate Ben Shapiro for charity. I tweeted this out, and it went viral. The goal is to raise $500,000 for St. Jude’s Hospital and have a one hour debate in LA. Ben Shapiro is in. This is what the people want! Just waiting to hear back from Jimmy. Besides that, scripted content! I’m going to continue to cover protests but in the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing some scripted comedy. I’m also going to be traveling a lot this year for protests and campus visits/speeches all over the country.”

Fleccas Talks at the Women’s March

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