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Faith Goldy’s Speech at Wilfrid Laurier Disrupted

Canadian journalist/commentator Faith Goldy's speech disrupted by protesters

CANADA – Faith Goldy, a Canadian right-wing journalist/commentator, was set to give a speech for the organization Laurier Students for Open Inquiry (LSOI), when around a hundred protesters disrupted the event, ending it before it even started.

On Tuesday, March 20, Goldy was invited to give a speech titled “Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European Canadian Identity” for the recently formed Laurier Students for Open Inquiry, headed by Lindsay Shepherd. Before Shepherd was even able to give her opening remarks, a protester pulled a fire alarm, forcing the crowd of some 300 people to evacuate the room. The event was initially planned to be a debate about immigration, but every professor invited to speak with Goldy inevitably declined.

We spoke with Goldy about what happened earlier this week. 

“Here’s the scoop: After unsuccessfully soliciting five professors to engage in a civil debate with me at Laurier, on Friday, March 16, the newly minted group ‘Laurier Students for Free Speech’ (LSOI), headed by one Lindsay Shepherd, announced my speech set for the following Tuesday qua a postering campaign. The posters were almost immediately torn down and replaced with typical leftist tropes.” said Goldy.


“On Monday, LSOI — at a great expense to their new group– embarked on yet another postering mission and, again, found their posters vandalized, torn down, and replaced,” said Goldy. “On the day leading up to our event, we weren’t sure if word had properly gotten out to interested students and staff about the speech titled, “Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European Canadian Identity,” which was to be followed by an open, unvetted Q & A involving interested audience members. Nonetheless, we informed police that their presence was required. Once special constables (plain clothed and uniformed) became involved, they informed the group I was in need of a guarded police escort to and from the building out of fear of violence.”

“As the Professor charged booking rooms for LSOI, Willian McNally, was discussing first orders of business (housekeeping, rules, etc) — *before* Lindsay took to the podium to introduce me — some coward pulled the fire alarm, ending the event altogether, before a single word of my prepared presentation was uttered. Lindsay quickly yelled over the alarm for folks to meet at Veteran’s Green, a park across the street from campus, for a quick statement. Audience members were shepherded outside while my entourage and I were guarded by the special constables who took us out after the mass exodus. Police then advised us not to go to Veteran’s Green because their intel indicated a high threat level and said they would only provide protection to us on school grounds, not at the park.”

“We said to hell with it and marched across for a quick comment to attendees, some of whom I understand travelled a great distance to be there.”

After the event, there was a protest at the university with around a hundred demonstrators. Attendees consisted of a gender-ambiguous singer/chanter, Antifa, a man with a KKK hood, and a bunch of sign-holders.

“With respect to the protests, while I obviously did not attend, you’ll see evidence in the links below of the cast of characters who did: Antifa (which, in my mind, should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization) in their usual face masks and communist red flags, self professed witches, and absolute buffoons with signs depicting cemeteries alluding to the fact that Allied Forces “didn’t die for this” (I’ll remind you that my late grandfather fought the damn Nazis and to infer that I am one is both ignorant and libellous).”

“Back to the speech: To our pleasant surprise, those wishing to attend the event far outnumbered those protesting: Estimates of 300 in line for the event versus 100 outside protesting. We only managed to fit 175 into the room due to code and had to turn away over 100 others, which already left me feeling guilty about their lack of participation. Inside, there was a host of media, students, professors, and people from visibly different ethnic and racial backgrounds — we were all ready for an evening of challenging ideas and debate!”

“This business of Right Wing speakers being shut down by fire alarms has become dull and tiring — the Leftist vanguard of this generation is painfully unimaginative and low energy.”

“Alas, at the end of the day, I’ve made a host of headlines without having uttered a word on the subject I had highly hoped to discuss (as an aside: this business of Right Wing speakers being shut down by fire alarms has become dull and tiring — the Leftist vanguard of this generation is painfully unimaginative and low energy. Most recently, they’ve petitioned to have my Gordon Cressy Award revoked, owing to my time at Trinity College, where I graduated with High Distinction and a host of leadership roles under my belt– typical Leftist tricks: Rewrite history so to suit one’s own narrative and ideology. I think they might consider petitioning the award’s existence altogether since it is, after all, named after a white male!).”




Goldy’s speech would have entailed an important issue to many right-wingers, especially in North America and Europe. Changing demographics and state-enforced “multi-culturalism” is resulting in the emergence of nationalist movements across the globe (see Generation Identity).

“Now, about the content of my speech: Set to be the inaugural event of LSOI’s “Unpopular Opinions” series, I am of the view that the subjects I hoped to discuss were neither “unpopular” (see the populist, immigration skeptic zeitgeist sweeping Europe and the US right now) or “opinions” alone (of more than 50 slides in my presentation, about 40 included government statistics and cited legitimate historical sources about Canada’s settler and immigration history — not opinions, but facts). The intention of my talk was to demonstrate how our undemocratic, state-enforced policy of Multiculturalism is fundamentally at odds with European Canadian Identity and is, ultimately, resulting in ethnocide — the deliberate systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group (look no further than demands to remove statues, change our banknotes and school curricula, and even alter our inherited legal system, to name just a few examples). Inherit in the policy of Multiculturalism, or so my argument went, is not only the additive feature of other cultures but a subtractive element, too — one that demands an erasure of the nation’s undeniably European foundational character, too. Moreover, through reliance on historical evidence and data, I intended to put an end to this modern myth that Canada is a “nation of immigrants,” arguing instead that we are a nation of settlers and pioneers (consider that Canada was 79% native born at the time of Confederation, that there are unique Euro-Canadian groups like the Canadiens and Acadians, unlike any other peoples on the face of the planet, owing largely to the fecundity of their women).”

Goldy on Multiculturalism vs. Ethnocide

“Further still, I hoped to demonstrate that Canada as a “multicultural state” is yet another modern invention, especially when one considers that the nation was 96% European in 1971 when Trudeau Sr first announced the federal policy of Multiculturalism– without a democratic mandate. Finally, I wished to present Statistics Canada data regarding the country’s changing demographic outlook so to have individuals reflect on baseless tropes they are fed daily in our popular and academic culture: How can Canada be a ‘white supremacist’ country if we are, not only the first nation to have enacted a policy of Multiculturalism but, more significantly, about to see our European population dip to minority numbers in a generation — and somewhere between 12-20% in less than a century? Is this demographic headstand not without plausible consequences and associated questions — all of which are worthy of study? And I was prepared to do just that Tuesday night, as were some 300 others. Alas, the actions of one individual ended it all. Perhaps my next talk ought to be titled, “How Tyranny of the Minority Has Undermined Canada!”)”

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