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The Future of The Patriot’s Desk

You may be wondering where I’ve been.

To be completely honest, I’ve taken a break from The Patriot’s Desk for a whole bunch of reasons. To start with, people my age are unreliable. In my pursuit of creating a news outlet that’s consistent in posting, I faced many difficulties finding young and motivated people who can produce content on a (loosely) regular basis.

I also don’t want people to work for me without being compensated.

I’ve always lived by the motto “Don’t do anything for free.” Why would I ask people to take the time to write articles for TPD when they aren’t being justly paid? This brings me to my next point.

TPD had a fantastic run as a news site, but that’s changing. I’m turning this into my personal blog, where I talk about all things political, interview people in the community, and yes, still talk about the news.

I hope that you enjoy what’s coming. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making this incredible, and I’m not here to disappoint.

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